Join a community of dog lovers

Connect with a vibrant community of fellow dog enthusiasts. Share your favourite dog moments, discover new friends, and engage in discussions about all things canine. From heartwarming stories to expert advice, join us in celebrating the joy and companionship that dogs bring to our lives.

Create profiles for your favourite furry friends

Showcase your beloved dogs by creating personalized profiles. Share their unique stories, photos, and videos, and let the world know what makes them special. Connect with other dog owners, celebrate your pets, and build a network of furry friends in our dedicated community.

Gain access to a receptive audience for your products

Advertise your dog products and services on Dog Stalker to reach a passionate and engaged audience of dog lovers. Our users are dedicated pet owners actively seeking the best for their furry friends, making our platform the perfect place to showcase your offerings and boost your brand's visibility and sales.

How to Earn Paws and Get Rewarded

Earn paws through engagement

Gain paws by creating popular posts, engaging in discussions, and receiving upvotes from the community. Your contributions help build a vibrant and active dog-loving community.

Create popular dawg profiles

Create and share profiles of your favourite dogs. The likes on your top profiles contribute to your overall paw count, rewarding you for showcasing your furry friends.

Get rewarded for your content contribution

Every quarter, 50% of the app’s financial benefits are shared with the top users based on their paw count. Your engagement and quality contributions are rewarded with a share of the app's benefits.

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